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Document Translation Services | Inter-Com Translations

Inter-Com has over 20 years of industry experience providing Document Translation Services to its international clients.

Our document translation service covers a wide range of industries including the medical, pharmaceutical and legal industries. We also have extensive experience in the translating business and technical documentation.

We have a large network of translators who have been picked because of their proven track record and areas of expertise. We usually require that our translators have at least 7 years of training and at least 5 years of work experience. In most cases, they are only utilised if they work in their own native language, and are based in their country of origin.

Inter-Com provides document translations with an emphasis on speed, accuracy and customer service.

If it is a fast, professional and dependable document translation service you are looking for, the Inter-Com Translations' team would be glad to assist you whether you are based in London or elsewhere in the world.

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