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Medical Translation ServicesĀ 

Inter-Com has extensive experience in supplying top quality linguists for all your Medical Translations.

Our Medical Translation Services covers over 224 languages. All our translators work exclusively into their first language and are based in their country of origin to ensure they are up-to-date with developments in their native tongue.

Should you have any preferred in-house style or terminology you wish to be incorporated in your translations, please supply any relevant material or terminology at the start of the project. If glossaries are not supplied, our specialist translators will use their discretion and experience to ensure the translations reflect the source document as closely as possible.

Our medical translations are all proofread for accuracy by separate specialists prior to delivery.

OurĀ professionalism and dependability coupled with the 20 years of experience, guarantee that you will get the very best in medical translation services and foreign language personnel assigned to your brief.

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