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Translation company London

Translations from and into any combination of languages.

All our translators have a minimum of 7 years' training and at least 5 years' fulltime translation experience. They are only permitted to work into their native tongue and most of the time they are based in their country of origin. This ensures that they are up-to-date with latest language trends in that area of the world. Our team can handle any sort of text ranging from, for example, basic correspondence or press releases to highly technical literature or video scripts.

How Long Does a Translation Take?

A translator does an average of 2,000 - 3,000 words per working day. Higher speeds are possible, though it is important to consider that, to produce quality translations, the more time translators are given to "sleep over" their work, the result will always be superior to a hurried translation.

However, when you are faced with an emergency and a tight deadline is unavoidable, we can come to your rescue by putting together a team of specialists for your project. Rush or overnight / weekend work can be arranged for those emergencies and incurs a surcharge.

Project Management

Every assignment you entrust to INTER-COM, no matter how large or small, is assigned a Project Manager who will follow your job through from start to finish. You can rest assured that your translation is given maximum attention by our team and will be delivered at the scheduled time.

In the rare event that the unexpected happens and a delay is unavoidable, the INTER-COM team will implement damage-limitation procedures that include immediate communication with the client and regular updates as to progress.

Terminology - Glossaries of Terms

Should you have specific terminology or style requirements for your translations, we would ask you to supply any reference material (e.g. previous translations) or glossaries of terms at the start of a project. This will enable our personnel to maintain / incorporate your in-house style and / or terminology into the foreign versions of your documents.

In the absence of reference material or glossaries, our translators will use their discretion and experience to select terms they feel best reflect the original text.