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Translation Company UK - Modus Operandi

At Inter-Com we believe that, in this age of fast, efficient and cheap communications, to operate internationally in the translations market, it is no longer necessary to run offices all over the world. Indeed, we believe that, to be physically present in more than one location is an huge waste of resources in an age when we should all be aiming for sustainability.

The translations industry is one in which clients and suppliers rarely meet face to face. This industry thrives on voice and written communication, and the enormous advances in telecommunications of the past decade or so have revolutionized the translations world.

Traditional translations agencies, with offices in every city and scores of in-house translators on their payroll, will go the way of the dinosaurs into extinction if they do not evolve.

From Day One of its inception, Inter-Com Translations has embraced modern technologies and work structures, and used these to the benefit of its clients:

  1. We always invest time and resources locating the very best linguists worldwide. Modern communications allow us to source mother tongue professionals based in their country of origin: we believe that persons living away from their home country for any length of time can soon lose touch with latest trends in their native tongue. Language is a living thing that changes and develops much faster than many realize. New terminology and styles of speech enter all languages constantly. Our clients can always rest assured their translations will be culturally acceptable, in the language of today.

    In this way, we have long-standing working relationships with over 3500 professionals who cover any subject area in 224 languages, sourcing highly qualified personnel with a minimum of 7 years' training and at least 5 year's full time work experience. These translators all work as freelancers, meaning we only use their services when we need them – in other words, we are able to cover all our clients' foreign language requirements while avoiding the high costs of permanent staff on our payroll when not needed. These savings are passed on to our clients.

  2. Thanks to round-the-clock monitoring from our Translation Company UK base, our international clients are able to communicate with us 24/7, discuss their requirements and pass on to us their foreign language projects. Their requests are dealt with immediately, deadlines agreed, Project Managers and Translators assigned – and clients can have total peace of mind that their foreign language communications are being handled by “their” Team, whose service is second to none.

  3. Our policy of paying for services only when needed extends to project management. Over the years we have built up excellent and trusting relationships with numerous highly experienced translators who are also skilled project managers and/or proofreaders.

    As and when demand requires, we engage these trusted individuals for proofreading or Project Management for specific projects. They are chosen not only for their management skills, but also as mother tongue specialists in the target language relating to that particular project. It is their job to coordinate and support the translating team commissioned for that project, as well as to deliver the final documents to the Inter-Com main office. These translations then undergo their final checking process by the Office Team, prior to delivery to the client.

    This is another example of how Inter-Com has embraced modern communications to pass on cost savings to its clients, while ensuring the highest possible quality.

  4.  Inter-Com is very proud of another consequence of its policy of using freelance professionals, distance-working from their location of choice. A significant proportion of our freelance personnel are persons who, for one reason or another, are not able to work in an office environment. These are highly qualified and experienced individuals who prefer to work remotely, from home, or other place of their choice – e.g. ladies who have chosen to be mothers, but still wish to pursue a career. Other translators, for instance, are wheelchair bound, or have other motion problems, but are brilliant minds who would sadly otherwise be wasted on the traditional labour market. We are very proud to count on such diverse and capable individuals, who have proven themselves to be such valuable members of the Inter-Com Team

  5. Last but not least, we must not fail to mention the efficient Main Office Team at Inter-Com Translations.

    We take pride in offering our clients a level of customer service that is not only flexible, efficient and dependable, but also personal. Customers are encouraged to consider us as part of their own operation, like “their own” Translations Department - they know that at Inter-Com they will always find a friendly welcome and immediate attention.

    Our Team is always doing whatever possible to fine-tune our service according to each and every client's needs, always available to discuss any foreign language project and to give our advice. We do hope we may soon have the opportunity to demonstrate to you why many corporates and organizations have chosen INTER-COM Translations for their foreign language communications.
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